Akshay Ajit Hande is an Indian student studying Management and International Business at Nottingham Business School. During his Masters, he decided to take the chance and apply for a placement year. That’s how he got to the position of Digital marketing manager at OK Student.


“After completing a Bachelors’s degree from the University of Mumbai, it was a dream to study in the UK. The UK has always been a favourite destination for Indians to study abroad. I started researching UK universities and courses. I got admitted into Nottingham Trent University for MSc Management and International Business. The education system is completely different from India. We had research papers, teamwork-based assignments. It was something new for me. Citations, referencing and plagiarism – these terms were new to me and this was important to complete our assignments. We had an international experience module which was in Brno, the Czech Republic which gave us knowledge of European work culture. It was a great experience to work with the team as a consultancy group with Daikin company in Brno.

Studying at Nottingham Trent University gave me a chance to develop my professional skills and English from different workshops and lectures conducted at the university. Working with a team of different nationals helped expand my cultural horizons. Student life is really amazing in the UK as there are various part-time jobs available, transportation is good and university always help with student support. 

Deciding to undertake a placement year was one of the best choices I’ve made. It’s been a roller coaster ride, ups and downs but I never gave up. All the sleepless nights and hard work has finally paid off. I got a placement with OK Student. OK student is a consultancy service for students who are interested in studying in the UK. The company helps students with the application and admission process for admission to a UK university. I would like to share 3 things which really helped me to get this placement are,


  • Don’t easily give up.


I applied to many companies but got negative replies on application. There was a time when I was going to quit the idea of the placement year. But I kept on trying and finally, I got the placement with OK Student.


  • Networking is important


You should have a good network to know more about the opportunities available. Linking with a professional really helps you.


  • Adopt a positive growth mindset.


Never think much on the rejections, take it positively. There might me be a good opportunity waiting for you. Keep a positive attitude and keep trying.

This is my second week with OK student and it has been a good experience so far. I have gained knowledge about the education consultancy industry. I have come across various tools which are used for project management and marketing analytics. It feels good to work with Nicholas and Martin. They both help me and guide me. Mariana trains me to develop my communication and advising skills.

There are many things to learn from the work placement with OK Student. I would advise my friends who are sailing with me in the same boat in life: if you have the opportunity for placement year don’t miss it and try hard until you achieve it. Even if it’s not achieved do not worry there might be some great opportunity waiting for you.

I am excited to explore what is next and use my learnings and skills to add value in my work.”