Stefan Loncar decided to leave Nottingham after finishing his Bachelors degree at Nottingham Trent University. He moved to London and is currently studying Financial Mathematics at King’s College London. He is also one of our student advisors, interacting with dozens of international students who want to study in the UK.


“One of the biggest challenges in my life was moving to study at a university in the United Kingdom. Leaving your family and friends to start a new chapter in your life is never easy, I can tell you that from my experience. Although the change was difficult at the beginning, with time it became easier, and looking at it now (four years after I moved to the UK), I can say it was the best decision I ever made.

I’ve met a lot of new people, made new friends, had new and exciting experiences, travelled the world, studied the subject I love, had work experience, was involved in volunteering and even tightened relationships with my friends and family back home. If someone told me, four years ago that an average Croatian high school student (me) could experience so much by just coming to study in the UK, I would say they are crazy, but now I am living that reality. 

Every day I find something new and exciting to do, but the latest project I am involved with, gives me the most joy. As an experienced student in the UK now completing my Masters in London, I became a University Advisor for OK Student. Our main purpose is helping everyone interested in studying in the UK with their application process.

Not only that, we also give impartial advice on which courses, universities and cities to choose, how to get to the UK, where to find accommodation and even where to buy the best food and go on a night out. We use our experience to help others make better choices.

Being a University Advisor is very rewarding because the thank you I get from people I help is the best feeling. I can see that I helped my fellow countrymen and others in achieving a better future by studying in the UK. I have a chance to motivate people who are excited to experience something new and strong people who are ready for a change.

Through their eyes I am experiencing the excitement of moving to the UK all over again. Seeing them succeed and achieve their unique goals brings me enormous happiness. I just hope that all of them will one day look back like me and say this is the best decision I ever made.”